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AboutThe Attacat Brain

Apologies for the Geekness

The Attacat team have always shared links, discussed industry news and documented things to help each other. In 2010 we decided that this content would be much better held in a blog. The Brain is that blog.

It’s selfish we know, but the primary audience for the Brain, is actually us, the Attacat team. This inevitably means that a good bit of the content may not be desperately interesting to our average client (there’s a solution to that – see below).

If it’s for you, why Share it?

Numerous reason really:

  • Number 1: a very quick skim read will give any potential client a much better insight into where our skills truely lie
  • It’s always surprising what other’s are actually interested in
  • It makes it easy for us to point clients to our thoughts about a subject as and when required
  • We gain huge insight from the participation of third parties, which in turn raises the level of our service
  • Making it public forces the quality up (though you may find it hard to believe!), making it a more useful resource for us, especially our trainees.
  • We know how difficult it can be to keep a blog going. By simply making it an extension of something we were doing anyway, it makes it a lot easier to keep it fresh

Want it less Geeky?

Some of our Brain Waves are created with a broader audience in mind. We filter these and they end up on our @attacats Twitter, our Facebook page and can also be accessed here. You can also subscribe to this filtered version by e-mail.

How’s it Done?

It’s just a WordPress Blog (available free to anyone), simple as that.

Got Feedback?

Please let us know what you think about the Brain. Just drop us a line. We’ll love you for it, escpecially if it’s constructive criticism.

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The Attacat Brain

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