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Microsoft AdExcellence The MS AdCenter (Bing) Company Qualification

Bing Ads Accredited Professional

Microsoft introduced the adExcellence program (it’s former name) in 2008 to allow for individuals, who meet the qualifying criteria, to undertake training culminating in an exam. The program is designed to prove knowledge in the account interface & account management using the Microsoft Bing Ads interface.

Qualified Individuals

All Attacat Account Managers are accredited as official Bing Ads Professional Members. A Bing Ads Professional Member has completed comprehensive online training on managing Microsoft Bing  search engine marketing campaigns and has demonstrated expert knowledge by passing the Microsoft Bing Ads Accredited Professional exam. Tim, the managing director of Attacat, attained Microsoft adExcellence membership shortly after the program was launched.

Tim Barlow | Managing Director

Steve Hope | Head of PPC

Jon McKean-Dow | Account Manager

Joel Lumsden | Head of SEO & Organic Marketing


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