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Analytics ExpertiseGoogle Analytics IQ Qualification

Anyone can access Google Analytics and many can even carry out the set-up. What few know how to do though is customise the product to meet specific business needs or indeed interpret the data in a way that produces actionable insights. This exam is designed to sort the men from the boys. Training for and passing the exam is a requisite part of the Attacat curriculum.

Google Analytics IQ certified

Joel Lumsden | Head of SEO

Charlotte Hardy | Account Manager & Search Strategist

Chelsey Fenn | Software/Web Developer

Geekery Sufficient for the Scotsman

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We have a tradition of taking the exams and getting these qualifications as soon as they come out (not because they are easy but because we have the knowledge anyway!). The release of the the Analytics IQ was no exception. One of our team even passed his the same evening as the official release, a feat so geeky that even the Scotsman agreed. Tim, together with the rest of the team, sulked at being pipped to the post and couldn’t face taking his gloating any longer so also had to get their qualifications sorted sharpish!


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