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marketing sherpa email awards 2011 best personalization/segmentation strategy

Marketing SherpaAttacat are very pleased to announce our GOLD medal in the 2011 Marketing Sherpa Email Marketing Awards in the ‘Best Personalization/Segmentation Strategy’ category. Beating the entry from Microsoft into Silver medal position.

what the judge had to say

Marketing Experiments Professional Certification ProgramWhen thinking of personalization and segmentation, I initially settle on … it’s difficult. This seems like one of the most difficult tactics in email marketing. I also believe it’s expensive, time consuming and, most of all, complex. To really personalize and segment takes considerable time to slowly build out many different email lists for your audience to choose in a preference center, or a snazzy marketing automation platform that can really get granular into past responses. At the very least, you’ve must be able to determine how to mail merge.

Well, this year’s Gold winner pulled off an extremely impressive feat. Clare Florist was able to better segment their emails to tie into the unique motivations of their audience, with very little investment. Plus, they got a huge return – nailing the “R” and the “I” in that three letter acronym we love so much at MarketingSherpa. And the relative simplicity of the effort really impressed me.

While they have a small list, and thus a lower baseline and perhaps an easier time to drive a big lift than an enterprise-level marketer, the numbers are nonetheless noteworthy. To be specific, the team garnered a 448% increase in revenue-per-campaign (along with some pretty impressive intermediate metrics you can read about in the full write-up).

Daniel BursteinAnd the expense, according to David Clark of Attacat, Clare Florist’s agency, was “No external costs at all.” Frankly, I think that’s probably an understatement. There are always costs, even if they are only soft costs.

Still, it shows that you can better serve your customers, and improve your results to boot, without a massive budget or shiny new technology. And that is simply golden.

– Lead Judge: Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content, MECLABS Primary Research

the full report

The full report, including all winners from each category can be downloaded here.  The full report on the Clare Florist Attacat Email Marketing strategy can be found from page 50 onwards including screenshots of the emails in question.

the case study

You can also read the full Attacat Clare Florist case study here.


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