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The Team

The obligatory “get to know the team” page – full of witty banter, quotes and general stuff about us.

Tim Barlow, Managing Director

The founder and MD. 13 years in the game. Doing PPC before Google were, SEO before AltaVista died and Social Media when it was called ‘talking’. More about Tim >>


Mark Boyd, Group Account Director

Mark was brought in as our lead in client servicing, an area in which he specialises due to the dulcet tones of his Linlithgow accent. More about Mark >>

  • Specialisms: Client Servicing | SEO | PPC | Affiliate Marketing
  • Experience: Travel | E-commerce | Finance


Jon McKean-Dow, Account Director

Jon…what can we say about Jon? Good looking, slick, always wearing his marketing hat – an all-round great guy. Don’t believe us? Call him and find out yourself! More about Jon >>


Joel Lumsden, Head of Organic Marketing & SEO

joel-lumsden-attacat6’4″ of online-based enthusiasm who loves alerting clients to the possibilities of search and internet marketing. “Jolu” works to stay on top of the changing world and algorithms of search marketing while keeping the talented SEO team happy. More about Joel >>
  • Specialisms: PPC | SEO | Website Thinking | Social Media | Redundant football knowledge
  • Experience: Holiday accommodation | Sports | Water Coolers | Charity | Homewares


Charlotte Hardy, Senior Account Manager & Search Strategist

World-travelled beer-geek who brings enthusiasm plus experience of working with major brands and large digital agencies to her skillfully-written and optimised SEO content. The ‘prodigal child’ who returned after completing an internship many moons ago. More about Charlie >>
  • Specialisms: SEO | Content Marketing | Onpage Optimisation
  • Experience: Travel | Food & Beer | Online Communities | A spaniel named Loki


Chelsey Fenn, Software/Web Developer

Chelsey is our fabulous highly prized developer with a secret dancing skill we hope to see on a future Attacat night out! More about Chelsey>>
  • Specialisms: Websites | Blues and Lindy Hop Dance
  • Experience: Web Design & Development | Logo Design | Publishing | Travel/Tourism


Danielle Malinen, Graphic Designer

Say hello to Attacat’s very own graphic designer/cinephile/blog aficionado Danielle…hunting down the best of the web’s design, then creating even more of it for Attacat! More about Danielle>>
  • Specialisms: Print & Digital Design | Adobe Creative Suite | Branding
  • Experience: Infographics | Logo and Packaging Design | Typography

Andrew Morgan, Account Manager

Andrew is the quiet, rugby type with unbelievably thick hair who has quickly taken a shine to the world of PPC. Not only is he a terrific Account Manager, but he also has a strangely calming effect on the office, which, trust us, is something that is almost impossible to do!

  • Specialisms: PPC | Facebook Marketing | Remarketing
  • Experience: Rugby and sports retail | Education | E-commerce


Rasmus Lof, PPC Account Manager

RasmusRasmus Lof (pronounced ‘looooove’ or so we have decided) is the enigmatic Swedish guy, whose Scandinavian calm and practicality comes in handy when dealing with daunting PPC targets and fellow Attacats alike. As a side but equally important note, we think his name could easily be some sort of dignified brand (a la R.Lof), what do you think?

  • Specialisms: PPC | Retargeting | Adwords
  • Experience: Travel | Tartan | E-commerce


Zach Klein, Marketing Executive

ZachPlaying the multi-cultural card once again, Attacat introduces our newest recruit. Zach comes to us all the way from the outback (not really but it sounds more dramatic) of Australia. More on Zach once he settles in!

  • Specialisms: Physical Education | Marketing
  • Experience: Rugby | Unusual fruit | Wallabies



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