Chelsey Fenn

Software Developer

Our super-skillful Bostonian web developer since 2013. Chelsey’s an Analytics whiz and knows her way around Tag Manager, and a set of knitting needles, better than most.

More about Chelsey

Chelsey burst onto the Attacat scene in 2013, having discovered Edinburgh on a weekend trip during a semester studying abroad in London. Originally from a rural town just north of Beantown (Boston) in the USA, Chelsey decided Edinburgh was the place to be, remaining in Scotland to complete her masters degree in design and digital media.

Chelsey is an extremely talented, multi-skilled developer and member of the Attacat team. She is the go-to Attacat in the office for all things that require coding and backend web adjustments as well as integrations into Analytics and Tag Manager.

Between learning all sorts about visual designs and digital technologies at Edinburgh University, Chelsey discovered Blues and Lindy Hop dancing – which she likes to do twice a week. She loves organic fruits, vegetables (especially broccoli) and knitting (not organic, just normal knitting).


Which Attacat Character?

Chelsey is most like... Hannah - the ???

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