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Iain MillerOnline Development Account Manager

Iain left Attacat at the beginning of 2013

Meet the attacat team who do work here!!

The relative quiet-man of the team, Iain brings with him a wealth of experience, successful relationships and great contacts gathered working in agencies and drinking around Edinburgh…

Facts about Iain

milk & 2 please Mug Shot: Starbucks
where do you live? Location: Kirkcaldy
what we're really good at Specialisms: Online PR | Link Building | SEO | Social Media
things we know quite well! Experience: Luxury Travel | Finance | Retailing | Gambling | Tech | Recruitment
exams we've done Qualifications: ½ a History Degree, Google Adwords, CIPD (recruitment qualification from years ago)

“Iain” by his colleague Joel

Iain MillerBuy him a Starbucks and get chatting and you’ll probably come away with a new business contact or a story of drunken debauchery. An expert in competitive markets including travel, Iain has a real “nose” for a PR opportunity or website relationship; give him a subject, point him and go!

A proud Scot and Fifer, Iain just about manages to put up with the, shall we say, eclectic music choices and general to-and-fro of insults in the Attacat loft, consoling himself that a classic Johnny Cash tune will make it all better. Clearly a smart chap as the only person in the office who prefers to wear a full suit, he has a proven track record of SEO success that can only benefit the Attacats.

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