Joel Lumsden

Head of SEO

Meet Joel, our head of SEO. His love of SEO rivals very closely with his love of campervan travel.

More about Joel

Joel has more than 10 years experience in internet marketing and in paid search and SEO, working with the public and private sectors as well as with charities. In the 5+ years he has been with Attacat, Joel has worked his way from Account Manager to the Head of SEO/Organic Marketing and is often invited to speak at events. Always keen to drive growth within the industry, Joel focuses on developing new services and knowledge that can be shared within the team and on ensuring that the clients and businesses he works with grow at a similar rate. He loves investigating the varied aspects of online marketing – from content creation through to outreach – using his experience in website analytics, conversion optimisation and design to develop integrated online marketing strategies using the best available platforms.  

An Honours BA in Linguistics makes Joel a language, editing and presentation professional with a clear understanding of the way people interact with words and content. He is also a Qualified Google Advertising Professional and a Google Analytics Individual, as well as possessing certification in Microsoft AdExcellence.

Also a keen footballer, Joel is one of the regulars in the Attacat weekly 5-a-side game.  

Which Attacat Character?

Joel is most like... Cameron - the Visionary

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