Jonah Jones

Account Manager

The man from Liverpool has a healthy love for pushing boundaries and his positive and curious attitude manifests itself well in his role in the client services team. Jonah is a part-time musician and you'll regularly find him busking outside the office to fund his heavy chocolate addiction.

Attacat’s friendly northerner joined in May 2016 after being client side for a number of years.
Jonah‘s main responsibilities involve working closely with Attacat’s multi-channel clients, helping them to achieve their ambitious growth plans and get stuck-in to the higher marketing funnel.

Jonah has a fascination with CRO and the creation/promotion of valuable content that strikes at an earlier stage in the customer decision making process. He’s been involved in more than a few site migrations and runs a tight ship (but not as tight as his braces)!A man of many hobbies, Jonah has something in common with everyone: just beware of his ‘Shrek style’ Scottish impersonation. A self-proclaimed urban adventurer, Jonah is a passionate advocate of tree climbing, bow ties and generally being a bit different. And we wouldn’t want him any other way.

Which Attacat Character?

Jonah is most like... Cameron - the Visionary

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