Kate Bielich

Account Executive

Kate is our most recent hire, jumping into the “pit” with the boys on the Pay Per Click Advertising Team. A hobbyist food blogger, Kate is the go-to for new and inspiring recipes for the meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike in the Attacat office.

More about Kate

A recent graduate from the University of Edinburgh with a degree in Business Management, Kate shares a very common trend in the Attacat team with a great love of travel with recent forays to Sri Lanka and South Africa – where her family are originally from.

Originating from the wee Isle of Man, Kate has wasted no time getting stuck into the team, passing her Adwords exams within the first couple of weeks and has already taken over management of a few smaller accounts. She’s actively participating in producing content for the Brain, with a wealth of experience stemming from running her own food blog, Munch Edinburgh, for the past few years.

Which Attacat Character?

Kate is most like... Hannah - the ???

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