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Kiril Bunin Website Analyst & CRO Specialist

Kiril is our remote worker splitting his time between Internet Marketing of the highest calibre & separating unsuspecting online poker players from their hard earned cash!

Facts about Kiril

milk & 2 please Mug Shot: Tea – that’s it no milk no sugar. Just water & a tea bag
where do you live? Location: Edinburgh
what we're really good at Specialisms: Website Thinking | SEO | Google Analytics | Gambling
things we know quite well! Experience: E-commerce | Finance | GUI design
exams we've done Qualifications: BA Marketing Communications | Google Analytics Individual

“Kiril” by his colleague David

Kiril Bunin aka the Russian gentleman.  A man seemingly underpinned by everything east of Europe and west of Asia….Kiril provides a very enjoyable and highly knowledgeable analytical insight for the Attacat office.  Kiril’s forte is numbers and with this ability he not only clears poker tables in his spare time but any doubt when it comes to data analysis.

With his good sense of humour and fantastic insights there’s always something to be gained from a conversation with ‘Bob Precious Bunin’.  However it’s worth noting that he’s not politically correct, delusional about basketball and addicted to gaming…we wouldn’t have him any other way.

Kiril on the Web

Worth mentioning that Kiril doesn’t “believe” in Social Media (unless it’s directly for business). Just as well he’s good at other things.

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