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internet marketing with character

Lara Fraserformer employee who still cares

Lara sadly left Attacat in April of 2014

We can see you looking at your old page though. Meet the attacat team who do work here instead

Enjoying being happy, having lovely thoughts and aspiring for perfection – I think Lara could live her life by this. There’s no one better to introduce our new clients to the World of Internet Marketing, and hold your hand the whole way. Think of your first primary school teacher and you’ll be half way there.

Facts about Lara

milk & 2 please Mug Shot: Tea with milk (strictly skimmed)
where do you live? Location: Edinburgh
what we're really good at Specialisms: Internet Marketing & Client Relations
things we know quite well! Experience: PPC | business studies | fashion
exams we've done Qualifications: BA Hons Business Studies

“Lara” by her colleague Jon

Lara’s mind seems wired to her clients, and what they want she wants too – A last minute request to change everything? Not a problem! Lara’s just glad she can be there to help! It’s not just a very professional attitude, but as you get to know Lara you’ll realise she really, really cares and is here to help you however you need. Though Lara has a sense of natural class and sophistication that can’t be replicated by normal people, this does make her an easy target for a rude joke or two. While her faux disgust seems unbreakable, we’re seeing more and more smirks slip through from some jokes that would make your toes curl.

With a 1st class hons degree from Edinburgh University (including an award for best dissertation in the year!) and great experience in fashion and retail there’s no doubting Lara’s potential, and over the last year we’ve seen her input to the team lead to some fantastic results for our clients.

Like all the girls at Attacat, send her a picture of a cute little doggy and you’ll melt her heart.

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