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Michelle Sullivanformer employee

Michelle left Attacat in November 2014 to work with Storm ID.

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It’s safe to say Michelle is probably one of the smartest, brightest and quickest of all the Attacats, and I don’t just mean in terms of her comebacks (which are vicious!).


Facts about Michelle

milk & 2 please Mug Shot: Earl Grey, Lots of Milk, One Sugar
where do you live? Location: Edinburgh (originally San Diego)
what we're really good at Specialisms: PPC | Google Analytics
things we know quite well! Experience: Hospitality | Customer Service
exams we've done Qualifications: MA Creative Writing | BA Music and Comparative Literature

“Michelle” by her colleague Steve

Michelle decided she’d had enough of San Diego with it’s year-round sunshine, sandy beaches and where everyone seems super happy at all times, and moved across the pond to be with sophisticated Scottish folk like us. With her bubbly personality and a constant supply of baked goods, she brightens up the whole office.

Seemingly processing things at a quantum computer level, Michelle has memory data banks the size of Google (erm, I mean in storage, not that she has a big head!) and so if she gets her hands on your PPC account she can power through it making huge improvements in no time. Maybe it’s possible because she’s so organised, maybe she just really, really loves PPC, or maybe she’s an evil robot from the future sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor and has become sidetracked by joining an Edinburgh internet marketing agency?

Apart from making people see all the good things in life (like cats – she LOVES cats. Who doesn’t though, right?!), Michelle  also has a Masters in Creative Writing and can turn any complicated system into something simple and easy to understand.

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