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Rachel Bielinska former employee

Rachel left Attacat at the end of 2011 to travel the world with her boyfriend & has now settled in Australia.

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First class Honours in Marketing – box ticked! Obsession with fashion & retail – check! Brings her hot water bottle into work on a cold day – you bet!

Facts about Rachel

milk & 2 please Mug Shot: Tea, Milk
where do you live? Location: Edinburgh
what we're really good at Specialisms: PPC | Project Management | SEO | Offline Retail
things we know quite well! Experience: Retail | Social Enterprise
exams we've done Qualifications: BA (Hons) Marketing 1st Class | Qualified Google Advertising Professional | Google Analytics Individual | Fully certified shopaholic!

“Rachel” by her colleague Ben

Rachel joined the Attacat team in October 2010 with a superb Marketing degree (yes, 1st class if you hadn’t noticed already!).  A self confessed shopaholic she has worked in retail to feed her habits but now it’s time to go all digital – that discount card is going to be sorely missed!

When not shopping in the ‘bricks & motar’ world she sells to unsuspecting E-Bay buyers – always happy to make a quick few bucks from an American with an obsession for vintage clothing.

Unwilling to share her boyfriend with the Attacat 5 a side team- ask Tim about this one…

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