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Webinar Facebook for business

“Facebook for Business” with Tim Barlow and Gordon White on Wednesday 14th September 2011 1pm (BST)

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If you missed the very well received recent “Facebook for Business” New Media Breakfast presentation, then here is your chance to catch up.

Gordon White from fatBuzz joins Tim to take you through the presentation they gave in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.  Being a webinar we have changed the format slightly to be more of a conversation between Gordon and Tim highlighting the key points made during the presentation.

We  cover some basics such as the differences between pages and profiles and do’s and don’t, show some nice case studies, discuss Facebook ads, share some lesser known tips and Tim even manages to crow bar some algorithm chat in. What’s not to “Like”?

questions from the audience

We had some unanswered questions during the webinar so have taken some time to respond below:

Sohini Alg-Nijjar

Q: How does the relevant community find you on Facebook? Is it simply through people who who already know about your business and know you have a Facebook site?

Tim: I know we provided some answers on this during the webinar, so let me recover some of those points. People will not just find you, you have to work at it. Facebook is simply too big for you to get noticed without some work. However your existing “community” of friends, family, customers and suppliers is always a good place to start. Consider emailshots, adding your Facebook page to existing advertising including e-mail signatures and business cards.  Then get involved in other facebook communities and promote your page to these communities (without spamming!).  Also consider Facebook advertising, especially Sponsored Stories which we touched on towards the end of the webinar

Gordon: If you can get people to share your content is is going to help massively in building your community and the best way to get people to share the content is to make it interesting and relevant.  There’s also nothing wrong with asking or gently reminding people to share your content.  Whenever possible, go for an organinc (non-forced) growth of your community.  It will take longer but it will be a far more focussed and valuable in the long run.

Mary Harkin & Iqbal Bedi

Q: Is there a good, or better, time during the day to post?

Tim: This will vary from business to business so use Facebook Insights to get a feel for when your updates do well. A lot of Facebook consumption is outside work time so you may need to think beyond 9-5 !

Gordon: Also, monitor your posts and see which ones get the most comments; try posting similar type content on different days and at different times and watch to see if a pattern emerges when you get better engagement.

Jim Mccann

Q: Should you add apps and use the FB navigation on the left or embed a WordPress micro site in middle?

Tim: Good question! (My standard answer when I’m a little out of my comfort zone). We’ve been finding that Facebook-esque tabs in a WordPress micro site have been working well.

Karen Dorrat

Q: How do you invite others to ‘like’ your page?

Tim: Just ask! There’s a facility within profiles to recommend your page to your friends.  You can also invite people to like your page when sharing your page in a normal status update.  Facebook pages also have a “Tell Your Fans” facility that allow you to import your existing contacts and ask them to “Like” your page.

Gordon: Also consider inviting your friends by emailing them a link to the page or send an html email about your new page to your database with Facebook icon and a link to the page. Remember to put your facebook details onto your email footer, van livery, brochures, posters, flyers – anywhere really!


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