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Webinar Landing page optimisation

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This webinar is aimed at site owners and entrepreneurs who want to understand the concept of landing pages and how to improve their performance to encourage a greater proportion of your site visitors into lovely sales or sign-ups for you.

Kiril takes you through the basic principles of what you should look for and think about when designing your landing pages.  As a site owner, can you honestly answer ‘yes’ to all of these questions?

  • Is your page relevant to the visitor?
  • Do you have one clearly defined goal for the page?
  • Is you landing page optimised for the correct source (ppc, email, organic etc.)?
  • Is your message consistent?
  • Is it clear what you want the visitor to do?
  • Do all elements of your page provide a benefit?

These tips are followed by some live optimisation of websites submitted to us by members of the audience.

(Apologies for the quality of some of this video – make sure you have the HD button pressed in the video below – especially in the first couple of slides and the sound issues when for a few seconds it sounded like we were broadcasting from a well! This was our first attempt at a webinar so please go easy on us! )

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