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Webinar The Ever Changing Face of SEO

“The Changing Face of SEO” with Tim Barlow on Wednesday 13th July 2011 1pm (BST)

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The webinar – basic SEO

Perfect for: your colleagues who need a simple explanation of how search engines work so they can help you improve your rankings.

Join us online for a history lesson as we look at how search engines have evolved over the past three decades.

(Note from Tim: I always um and er when I present and invariably forget which slide comes next. In this webinar I do it rather more than usual. It’s fair to say this isn’t the delivery I’m most proud off! In my defence, those who attended stuck it out and were kind enough to say they’d learned a good bit. So not my finest hour but hopefully there’s still value in the content!)

The aim is not to show you how to optimise but to give you an understanding that will sharpen your bullshit detectors, and help you understand what those into SEO are talking about. If you are wanting to get more deeply into SEO then this webinar will help instill a philosophy that will guide you as your learn about the art and science that is search engine optimisation.

Suitable for a father-in-law?

This is the presentation that Tim gave at Cumbria’s recent flagship social media conference, Splash!.

In writing the presentation Tim had a challenge – his father-in-law, Michael, was a signed-up delegate. While Michael is a savvy business man and not a technophobe, he is far from a power user. The challenge was therefore to explain Search Engine Optimisation in a way Michael could understand it.

Did he understand it? It would have helped if he turned up, but that’s another story! We think he would have done though judging by this tweet:

GoUlverston Tweet

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