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internet marketing with character

About You and getting in to bed with Attacat

It’s that chemistry thing. Over the years we’ve seen a correlation between certain characteristics of a client and a positive outcome with our engagement. Each of the 14 companies that we have been through the £1 million of internet turnover mark have the following characteristics:

  • have a genuine customer service ethic with a willingness to listen to customers & address mistakes
  • have the ambition to be the No.1 player in their field (however big or small)
  • see the web either as their business, or as a minimum, as having the potential to be their number 1 sales person
  • are willing to experiment and change the way they do business if needs be
  • can make decisions quickly
  • realise that the launch of a website is the start, not the end
  • know that the web does not owe them a living but that an excellent living can be earned
  • do not necessarily have big budgets
  • may or may not have a long history

If this isn’t you don’t worry, but if it is…..we would love to work with you and make you our 15th.

Things that may make you get in touch with us

  • You’re running a (profitable or unprofitable) AdWords campaign that you feel could be doing better – we can help
  • You’ve got an idea for a web business – we can help (feeling the Obama style “Yes we can” chant developing yet)
  • Your website has been collecting dust, but not generating you any business – we can help
  • You are making money from your website but you instinctively know that a competitor is doing a better job – we can help
  • Whenever you ask how your website is doing you get wooly or techno-babble responses – you get the drift…
  • You want to be on Google – we can certainly help
  • You feel this Facebook/Twitter thing has legs but are not quite sure why or how – we can help
  • You’ve just spent two hours looking at Google Analytics. You’re thinking it’s interesting but have no idea what to do with what you have just found out – yes…
  • Your web developer has just told you “No we can’t do that” or (with appropriate teeth sucking) “we could but” “bull detection” is one of our favourite services :)


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