Every business will have a different answer to this question and I suspect even within businesses there would be many different answers and approaches. I’d love to hear what you would do with £100k but to kick things off, here’s how I’m proposing to spend £100k+ in 2013:

100k marketing budget

attacat’s 2013 marketing budget

You’d probably expect me to split my budget between the usual facets of online marketing: SEO, PPC, social etc. Actually, they’re lower on my agenda then you might anticipate, and really only come into the mix as a by-products of other activity.

Given our position as online advocates you may also expect me to laugh at offline and traditional marketing. But I don’t. While you won’t find us advertising on the Chamber of Commerce wall planner I’m not adverse to us doing some offline work that compliments what we are doing online, even if it may be 2014 before we get there.

You probably hadn’t expected my marketing budget to look something like this:

January 2012 Graduates


Yep – Essentially my budget is time and internal resources.  More specifically it’s something like this:

  • 1 x technical writer
  • 1 x graphic designer
  • 1 x software/web developer
  • 1 x large chunk of time from the rest of our team
  • 1 x sprinkling of PPC, social advertising and web hosting as the over-run budget.

what will we do with these extra folk?

We will be investing in things that will add value to our clients and prospects

Our aim is for our own marketing to become our best case study instead of the lame duck that we haven’t had the time to address. After all, if we are going to encourage our clients to take ambitious steps and do things differently we need to show that we value that advice enough to do it ourselves.

Arguably much of what we will be doing is product development and evolving our business model, but at the heart of the strategy is to do things that add value and are noteworthy; that will encourage people to talk about us without us asking.

We promise it’s not a vanity thing – we just firmly believe that in 2013 being noteworthy is a prerequisite for success.

Being who we are, our approach will be more about being useful than being funny, shocking, do-goody or even “thought leadershipy” (though who knows we may do some of that on the way). Certainly you can expect to see more freebies – along the lines of our somewhat-unloved resources section – including many more supporting materials for our clients and partners. Large portions will be available on a non-commercial basis, all of which we expect to add value to non-clients and clients alike.

feel the benefit

If you want enjoy these freebies as they appear and evolve please sign-up for our currently-somewhat-drab-but-to-be-reformed newsletter. Things aren’t going to change overnight but I certainly plan to look back next Christmas at an organisation that has evolved significantly. After all Mrs. Barlow requires it…

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meet said marketing budget

So without further ado, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the five newest recruits to the Attacat team (with a large hat tip to John Harkins and Lucy Everett, and of course the members of the existing Attacat team who sat through 50 interviews with me and sifted enough CVs to run a recruitment agency):

  • Charlie Ward (profile) – 1 x technical writer and organic marketing type
  • Danielle Malinen (profile) – 1 x graphic designer to bring life to all our marketing
  • Chelsey Fenn (profile) – 1 x software/web developer who will try to make us a lot more efficient (and to help us with software and web devs)
  • Michelle Cochran (profile) and Lara Fraser (profile) – 2 x latest recruits to the PPC team to add that “large chunk of time from the rest of our team”

That now takes us to a team of 14 with a little more ‘balance’ than before. Ladies, it is a pleasure to have you on the team.  And isn’t it a relief that your welcome photo is not quite as cringey as this one).

But then again we’ve always got this one if we need it :)

Attacat Graduate Intake January 2013

where would your money go?

£100,000 may be a lot of money to you or just a drop in the ocean (you can reach me at all hours on ….).  You may have very proven approaches you want to continue, or perhaps you are in the mood to try something different? Either way I’d love to hear how you would spend £100k+ in the comments below.