The Edinburgh Coffee Morning (the much loved weekly gathering of Edinburgh social media folks) has a beer evening coming up next week.

It’s an excuse for a gathering at a more sensible time of day, with less sensible drinks and of course, as with any good social media event, to raise some money for a good cause. (Event hashtag is #EdCMBE)

Being the generous types we decided to offer up one of our limited edition, highly sought after, Attacat mugs as a raffle prize. This was done in good faith and under the premise that the evening was a prestige brand-type event.  After all, the Stills Gallery is no second rate venue and the event has been sold out for months.

The Attacat Mug

Sadly, since then it seems that anybody who isn’t anyone has tried to jump on the bandwagon. Raffle prizes now extend to canvas bags that only retail for a few hundred quid, bottles of vodka worth a mere £40 and meals for two at restaurants who are only on their way to Michelin stars.

So it leaves us with a dilemma.  Given that the standard of prizes has clearly dropped since we made our offer, should we withdraw the mug for fear of damaging it’s prestige brand properties, or should we just console ourselves that it’s all for charidy.

It’s the sort of decision we find difficult to make so we thought we’d put this one out to our friends to decide.


There is of course another solution, that is for all attendees to work every contact they have to bring in some more prizes.  So how about it Hotel Missoni? Are you listening Harvey Nichols? I’m looking at you Aston Martin.

(Not able to make the event, then feel free to make a donation here)

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