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Friendly young woman, always sliming

Adwords ad copy – unusual places for inspiration

Inspiration is literally everywhere, and I found it in a quite bizarre situation.
A text dating site (and I have a girlfriend)….gulp.

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Local Roundup – October 2011

major ranking drops – Places gets an algorithm update!
ultimate list of local citation sites
users automatically updating your Google Places
Adwords location makeover
justice for Places manipulation – if you threaten Google with legal action

Copywriting Inspiration from Big Issue Sellers

Big Issue Vendor
There are some truly brilliant Big Issue sellers out there and it strikes me that listening in to how these inspirational characters are seeking to capture your attention can be a way of generating good headlines for websites and AdWords ads.
I know I have heard better but this […]

Helenium autumnale  ~ Solbrud

Local Search Roundup – July 2011

Here’s my recap on what’s been important in Local Search this month:

Google overhauls Places pages

10 top tips for local optimisation

Bing Business Portal (BBP) image control

New Android local functionality

Timeline for listing a new business


Twice as Nice: Attacat team expands

As we wave goodbye to the first half of 2011, we happily embrace two new members of the Attacat team: Jane and Jakub!  These two new additions boost the team to 11 – quite a change from where we were two years ago. We think we can put this down to enhancing the results of […]

Yahoo & Bing Transition Dates?

As many of you are aware, Yahoo! And Bing are in the midst of a full merger of their engines. So far, the algorithms are already being integrated while the PPC side has just started.

We’ve been receiving calls in regards to UK transition dates and therefore thought that we would update everyone with what we currently know. If you use Yahoo or Bing PPC to target the US, you should be able to start merging your accounts together now. You should see this page within your interface:

Pushkar Fair

Global Audiences, Usability and Pastries (Part 1)

On Friday the 30th of July, a trio of eager Attacatians ventured off to the Bunnyfoot Edinburgh office for a half day seminar on usability based topics. The seminar was designed to raise awareness for Care International UK – if you are interested in making a donation here is the JustGiving page (if anyone from Bunnyfoot is reading this, you’ll see we made a contribution!).

Saturday: 12.20.2008

Keywords on the Brain

I’ve decided to write a few posts that cover some principal theories and methodologies applicable to PPC.
I appreciate that there are many PPC experts who can fill pages upon pages of theories on keyword principles and structure. But let’s be honest, sometimes you just want a quick read and a fresh perspective on matters. So without further waffle, i will present you with my perspective on PPC keywords.

Archery with the Pre-Teens

Google Adwords new keyword match type

Google have unveiled a new keyword match type called Modified Broad. This new keyword matching option allows the average PPC boffin to gain a level of control in terms of their keyword targeting and scope.

Kansas Jayhawks 2008 NCAA Basketball National Champions--Street Party

Ditch the Zero and get with the Hero – Google’s New Qualification

This is a short but sweet post to chart the current change in Googles qualification program.

The qualification in short means more accountabiliy for agencies and the individuals within agencies. For those who answer to ‘internet advertisers’ there is scope to harness your specific skill set and bask in the glory of your achievements.

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