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Listening & Talking

Social media….what can’t you say about it?!
Well, from my experience it’s something that I have found extremely interesting, pratical but also somewhat far fetched at times.  It’s one of those topics that’s contrived as either proactively engaging with your audiences through new media platforms and models of communication, or simply, wasting time.
There are many aspects […]

Hugo Boss - Champs Elysées - 06-08-2006 - 6h41

Landing pages are your show window

Take any shop window and break down the characteristics of it. What do you have? Essentially many components such as price, products, design etc.  These gears work together to entice the passer-by to enter the shop and potentially convert.
Now imagine you could tailor the components in real time to suit the individual who presses their […]


Getting to grips with Quality Score

Quality Score can often spark habitual chin stroking and raised eyebrows.  If you are having issues, do not fear we have found an excellent blog piece that covers all you need to know about the infamous Quality Score.


‘Best thing ever’ advert copy

I have a background in marketing.  I appreciate the role of effective communication in targeting a specific market segment. However, I sometimes  find myself unable to construct adequate advert copy that goes past ‘here is the product. Buy now’.
This situation often reminds me of an espisode of family guy. The clip shows a mock up of a typical American […]


Attacats 5-a-side

Attacat have managed to group together a rowdy rabble of players to take part in a five-a-side football league – all hail the mighty ‘Attacats’!


PPC Foreign Campaigns – Playing to your strengths

Managing a foreign language campaign can be difficult, yet highly rewarding. As a somewhat poor multi-lingual individual, you may ask yourself, ‘how can I effectively manage a foreign language PPC account…I can barely say hello in 3 languages”
Do not panic – here is a link to a great website that covers hello in most languages! […]


iPad & Tablets lead to a more grown up Social Media?

One view anyway – seemingly based on the assumption that Tablets are going to appeal to a more mature demographic. Personally I’m not sure that the two correlate as much as implied.

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