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Our crack team’s thoughts on email marketing optimisation – everything from creating effective copy and layout to the nitty gritty of subscriber targeting. Tailor it and test it is the key – read on for Attacat’s top tips.

Email marketing

5 reasons why you absolutely must be collecting email addresses

Collecting email addresses, and more importantly segmenting email addresses, should in all likelihood be one of your primary goals as a business operator. But “Why?” you ask, “Why must I spend all this time sorting email addresses when, as a human, I am naturally lazy?”
1. They’re already your customers
You could have thousands of customers, sitting there […]

A Little Thank You Goes a Long Way: Warming up Your Online Customer Relationships

When asked for my top tip for online marketing in the New Year I kept it simple – don’t take your online customers and their support for granted. Making your customers feel appreciated is especially important when it comes to online marketing, where the customer relationship isn’t built on a face to face foundation. So here’s an example of why you should take the opportunity to warm up your online customers with a genuine festive thank you.


The “junk mail” bar is about to be raised and Apple is treading dangerously?

Earlier in the week I received the latest sales email from Apple.  The theme? “Fathers day is coming up – make his day with an iPad”.  Something felt rather familiar about it.
Ah yes, I’d seen the same email on mother’s day too. And it was just as uninspiring then.
And the difference is?
version 1

Channel 4 – Clever Cookie Persuasion

Some of you may have received an email today from Channel 4 to let you know that they had updated their Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy – some of you, like me, may not even remember signing up to be on Channel 4’s mailing list!
The email included a link to a video of Alan Carr explaining how […]

Email Marketing Gold Award

Email marketing roundup – November 2011

There is no way I could write a round up of email marketing news for November and not include something about the Marketing Sherpa email awards. In case you haven’t heard, we managed to nab ourselves a gold medal for Best Personalisation/Segmentation Strategy for

Email Marketing Presentation:Kiril and David to present at the New Media Breakfast #nmbrek

Continuing the tradition of the @attacats presenting at the ever popular New Media Breakfasts, I am pleased to say that @attacat_kiril and @attacat_david will be presenting in Glasgow on the 25th of November and in Edinburgh on the 12th January.
You can book […]

First Impressions

Email marketing roundup – October 2011

Its been another busy month in the world of email marketing. Looking back a few years many people were considering email to be a declining channel, it’s nice to see how wrong they were! Just this week Pizza Hut, the saviour of many a hungry lunchtime, have […]

@ or at sign made of puzzle pieces on white background

webinar email marketing – volunteers required!

It’s now less than two weeks until our email marketing webinar and in the interest of audience participation we need your assistance!
Get a free audit of your email campaign worth £675
We are looking for several volunteers to send us their most recent marketing email that we can talk about […]

Attacat Month in Numbers

Month In Numbers – September 2011

The Attacat Month in Numbers – September 2011

Synthesizer Filter Module B&W

How often should we send our emails?

This is exactly the question we hear a billion times every time somebody enquires about our email optimisation service. And the answer is always the same: no idea, just test it.

But unfortunately, for some really strange reason, that’s the point the conversation often ends. Testing sounds extremely complicated when in reality email tests are perhaps the easiest to implement, and the return you would normally get makes not just the initial test but any future tests cost effective. So today I will try to give you a detailed breakdown of email frequency tests, and eliminate any excuses from your vocabulary.

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