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Local search is basically geographical search engine optimisation. It’s primarily about ensuring that your business ranks through Google local listings. Expect posts about the latest algorithm updates, local search tips and industry insights.


The Importance of Local Search

A few interesting local search statistics.

Month In Numbers – November 2010

The Attacat Month In Numbers – November 2010

Google SERP change: More real estate for PPC ads

Change to Google SERP increases the visibility of the top 3 pay-per-click spots by about 30%…

Google Places Changes

Google’s Local Listings: A New Hybrid Algorithm

Last week Google made one of the most significant changes it has ever made. It’s very big news for anybody wanting to rank for local search phrases.


LINK: Major changes in organic listings for Local

I’d love to blog about this fully as this is such a HUGE change in my view, but time is short.  See in the meantime please read Search Engine Land’s report of the recent change to Google results pages for local […]


New Foursquare button: Add to your site today?

The Foursquare blog has announced that you can now integrate an ‘add to Foursquare’ button onto your website. I’m personally not a big fan of Foursquare and don’t use it, but I can certainly see how this could start to truly integrate it across the web and make it less of a ‘quirky add-on experience’.


3 Minor Internet Marketing Tremors

Occasionally there are tectonic shifts in Internet Marketing (like the arrival of a Twitter or Google or GoTo).
In between, we get a continuous onslaught of minor shifts in the landscape. Here’s three that have happened in the last ten days or so.
Facebook Places
The “check-in” concept pioneered by the likes of Foursquare,

Sponsored link with phone number

LINK: Phone number or Not? That is an AdWords Ad Copy Question

It’s quite a frequently asked question: should you include a phone number or not in your Google AdWords and PPC adverts?

The short answer is “no (in most cases)”.  Here’s an excellent more detailed answer: How To Raise […]

Google Places - Davis Duncan

A Curious set of Circumstances: Google Places

Morale of the story: Claim your correct Google Places listing or you risk losing business (or at the very least annoying your customers). Also – think about some PPC advertising on your brand terms!


What is Next in Search? A follow-up to the “Brief History of Search” Video

A look into the past and future direction of search.

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