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Local search is basically geographical search engine optimisation. It’s primarily about ensuring that your business ranks through Google local listings. Expect posts about the latest algorithm updates, local search tips and industry insights.


iAds: In-App Interactive Mobile Ads to get Excited About

This is certainly one to try out as soon as iPhone users upgrade to OS4.
Apple are launching a new format of adverts for the mobile called iAds. iAds take advantage of the amount of time that iPhone users spend using applications – an average of 30 minutes a day for each iPhone user!  (Which Steve […]

Google Street View Goes 3D

It’s 2010 and the Year of 3D. Ever the forward thinking, fun-loving search engine that is Google – they have treated us to Google Street View… wait for it… in 3D!
We think our wonky looking street in Edinburgh looks fab in 3D, but gave us a bit of deja vu… maybe we need to try […]

Link: Local Search Ranking Factors

Great list of things to do to gain local search results & ordered by level of importance so you have a better indication of where to start.

New York Hotels

Link: Experiment to show hotel prices on Google Maps

Yet more business models crumble as Google’s advance into local search continues.
Google LatLong: Experiment to show hotel prices on Google Maps.


Link: Employee Profile Pages to Boost Local Search Results

I read a good article (Search Engine Land) on optimising your website for local search by creating individual employee pages. Basically the view is to create separate pages for your employees and include info such as contact details, links to blog posts and LinkedIn profiles. I think its definitely […]

Link: Google Tests “Sponsored Map Icons”

Could get kinda busy don’t you think?
Google Tests “Sponsored Map Icons”.


Optimise AdWords for Mobile to Grab Local Shoppers

There’s no denying that the mobile market is growing rapidly with the ever-expanding  range of smart phones. In fact, Google explained in a recent webinar (Think with Google – Mobile-ize Your Business) that there has been a 3000%+ growth of mobile “shopping” category queries in the past 3 years.
I’ve read a few

Local Business Centre SEO

Local listing categories

Optimising your business profile and presence for local searches is becoming an ever-increasingly important factor in building your search-engine presence, and there’s now a tool for seeing the Google categories in your industry.


PPC Foreign Campaigns – Playing to your strengths

Managing a foreign language campaign can be difficult, yet highly rewarding. As a somewhat poor multi-lingual individual, you may ask yourself, ‘how can I effectively manage a foreign language PPC account…I can barely say hello in 3 languages”
Do not panic – here is a link to a great website that covers hello in most languages! […]


More Street Views available in UK

Until now, the UK has had street views only available in some cities and towns but as of today, more street views are available across the whole country, including small villages and places in the sticks. Note that I said ‘more‘ not ‘all‘ – on the contrary to this article […]

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