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Local search is basically geographical search engine optimisation. It’s primarily about ensuring that your business ranks through Google local listings. Expect posts about the latest algorithm updates, local search tips and industry insights.


No one cares about real-time results

Eye Tracking Study: Users Largely Blind To Real-Time Results In Search.


New Google Maps feature

Business owners can now pay $25 a month to have an ‘enhanced listing’ which adds a small yellow icon on the map to encourage users to click on their listing


There were 3 in the Bed and the Little One said

t is a sign of the how things have changed that I am able to describe Microsoft as the “Little One” but in the search game, that is exactly what they are. Yesterday’s announcement of the Yahoo/Microsoft search deal sees Microsoft move up a place in the pecking order and Yahoo Search rolling out of the bed.


Google Latitude – another step towards location aware advertising

Google Latitude allows you to broadcast your current location to friends, family (and colleagues no doubt!). It’s hardly a surprising development but it is a reminder of how Google is going to be able to improve it’s locational targeting for AdWords and other advertising products. (Opt-in of course!)


Google AdWords dominance boosted by US Authorities?

You may have been following the protracted saga of the proposed deal to show Google adverts on Yahoo! Google has finally pulled out of this deal blaming both the legal battle with the competition authorities as well as disapproval from some key advertisers.

Google’s new browser Chrome – will my website still work?

Googles new browser, Chrome, has now been officially launched. As with most Google products we will most likely see quite a quick uptake of their new technology (based on WebKit, the open source engine used for Apples’ Safari browser) meaning that a not insignificant number of people will soon be surfing the web using […]


Free Clicks in AdWords – More Sponsored Links Explained

I’ve been digging a bit further into the new layout of the More Sponsored Links on Google and it turns out that any clicks on these adverts are free!
In addition to the clicks being free they are also not recorded by AdWords and do not factor into any part of the system – no […]


Change to the Layout of More Sponsored Links

Recently (we believe the change happened on August 1st) we have seen a change to the display of the sponsored listing pages after the first page of results. When clicking on the “More sponsored links >>” link at the bottom of the normal 10 listings on the right hand side we are now presented […]


Page load slowly?  Now it costs you (even more).

As per the heads up in March, Google AdWords have just announced that the time it takes for your landing page (i.e. the page on your site that the AdWords advert is pointed at) is now considered as part of quality score. In a business sense, this […]

Interactive Adverts coming to Google Results Pages?

Google have been spotted testing out a new Merchant Search Beta

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