With just a day to go until the cookie law “enforcement day”, the new version of our cookie audit tool is now live. Please take it for a spin!

The tool now:

  • recognises more cookies
  • automatically creates a custom “Cookie Information Page” for your site (see our one for an example)
  • saves reports for future reference
  • (coming soon) has an export function
  • links into our free cookie warning button generator
  • We have a bug! The tool is currently recording an extra session cookie in the Services table in the summary report. Trying to iron this out at the moment but in the meantime it’s safe to ignore it

So what if if there’s only one day to go. All you need is an hour?

Our tool does not seek to be perfect, but does aim to fill the niche of “if you only have one hour (or even less) to spend on working towards compliance, then here is a good way to spend it”.

Here’s a video overview of the tool (no I will not seek to make a living by doing voice overs!)

We really welcome your feedback and ideas for improvements in the comments below.

Known Limitations

  • we don’t recognise every cookie but we will add to the database over time
  • we can’t track flash cookies and local storage objects so please ask your developers about them
  • we are ironing out some bugs with the “save for later” functionality
  • our warning triangle may or may not be compliant.

Happy auditing!


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