Designer Meats Burger: Does the best designed menu produce the tastiest burger?

You probably already know that you can find cookies and breadcrumbs on the web, but low and behold the newest edition to the food name family, the ‘Hamburger’.


You’ve likely seen ‘the Hamburger’ as the menu icon on mobile applications, but it is slowly making its way onto desktop websites. Along with design, another (more foodie) passion of mine is burgers,  I love them and would eat them every single day if my body would allow it! That is why I appreciate the website ‘PornBurger’ so much, a website that has incredible looking burgers and a site that presents the burgers in a way that makes them just as aesthetically pleasing. So how could I possibly pass up the opportunity to write a blog post that combines two of my passions? It therefore seems fitting to discuss the menu designs of my favourite burger places in Edinburgh whilst rating the burger itself of course!

Will the best designed menu produce the tastiest burger? Let’s get to the real juicy stuff then.


The Scran & Scallie


The Menu

I find the colloquial Scots language used on the menu very endearing  and it fits the whole style and ethos of the restaurant. The design itself is not the most creative piece of work but there is something about the simplicity of it that really works.

Designer Tip

Be a bit more experimental with the headings.

The Burger

Image Credit to

This burger, in my opinion, is the best of the bunch. It is the juiciest and most delicious burger I have ever devoured! It was simple with no wild or exotic toppings, but they weren’t needed as the burger itself was delicious enough to stand on its own. The taste of the best beef on a soft freshly baked bun was excellent.


The Holyrood 9A


The Menu

This menu is structured nicely and the large headings and lines help to separate information which makes it easy for the reader to digest. I really like the little illustrations as they add character to the menu and make it a bit more interesting. The bold ‘grunge’ like font works for the type of pub the Holyrood 9A is. Overall, I feel that this is the best designed menu of the bunch as it really suits the persona and style of the business itself.

Designer Tip

I would get rid of the illustrations below the header of the menu (Cow & Hands). The two men at the top are enough to give the menu character.

The Burger

Image Credit to

The type of burger I had was called ‘The Cheese’ and it was delicious. I opted to have it on a brioche bun instead of the sour dough which was definitely the right decision. The only thing that I didn’t particularly enjoy about this burger was the mustard flavoured mayonnaise. I am not a huge fan of mustard so next time I will just need to ask for regular mayonnaise!




The Menu 

The design of this menu is not my favourite. I think the font used works well as the logo but is slightly too tall and elongated for the menu headings. The boxes help categorise information which is good but the colour of the menu itself is a little dull and unappealing on the eye, plus it reminds me of the mustard which you know isn’t a favourite condiment of mine.

Designer Tip

Try a less elongated font and perhaps play around with the colour of the menu.

The Burger

Image Credit Burger. Facebook Page

When I found out that Edinburgh was opening a ‘Shake Shack’ style burger joint in Edinburgh, I could not have been more excited. BURGER. had only been open a few weeks when I visited and it definitely lived up to the hype. I decided to have the Double Cheese Burger which was glorious! Soft brioche bun with delicious homemade burger sauce. They also offer an array of sauces with your meal and loads of milkshake options. The fries are rustic and are highly rated by their customers. I would suggest if you are having it for dinner definitely double up your burger, a single patty is enough for a lunchtime snack though.




The Menu 

There is quite a lot going on with this menu from the mixes of typography to the illustrations which may be a bit overwhelming for the reader. However I applaud the creativity here and the menu fits in well with the style of the bar.

Designer Tip

I really like the mixes of typography but I do feel that the small hints of colour are unnecessary and i would get rid of them.

The Burger

Image Credit Lebowskis Facebook Page

Lebowskis have updated their menu since I last dined there and the burger I had and loved unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore. I had the ‘Inside Out’ burger which is exactly how it sounds; a burger patty filled with cheese so that when you cut it in half, cheesey goodness pours out. This burger was extremely satisfying and cheesy and the burger itself was succulent and juicy.

In summary, to clarify the best burger award goes to ‘The Scran & Scallie’ but the best menu design goes to ‘The Holyrood 9a’. It just goes to show you should not judge food quality by the design of their menu…

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2 thoughts on “Designer Meats Burger: Does the best designed menu produce the tastiest burger?”

  1. Jenni says:

    Just what I was looking for! It’s all to easy to get swept away by well-designed graphics which really have nothing to do with the food. I recently ended 10 years of vegetarianism so I want my first burger to be exceptional. The Scran & Scallie it is.

  2. I know right Jenni, there have been countless restaurant decisions made on my part based simply on if the menu met my design standard :). 10 years wow that is a long time! Hopefully you will enjoy this burger as much as I did. That said I need to go back myself just to make sure it is still as good, having slight burger withdrawals.

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