Facebook have announced the switchover to a new appearance for company/business pages today – you can access the new layout and functionality in preview now, with full switchover happening on 10 March.

It’s certainly a welcome change, offering additional functionality that advertisers and companies have been screaming out for:

New layout

Facebook pages have now followed the revised layout of personal pages, with images featured at the top and navigation now moving to the left-hand side below the profile image. This does introduce a potential problem to companies and advertisers, as previously featured ‘tabs’ and now relegated to very low prominence in the new position. This certainly highlights the importance of setting the landing page of your Facebook company page for new visitors, and we’re sure to come up with some workarounds as we get more comfortable with the new pages.

facebook company page layout

Become a Facebook page

The big change is the ability to ‘become’ a company page – you can have ‘likes’, favourites, and post on other people’s pages!

facebook company page as page

Post as a company page

The ability to post as a company outside of the company page really opens the opportunity for brands and companies to communicate socially with people on Facebook; you’re no longer ‘locked’ within the confines of company page. Companies finally have the freedom to use Facebook to its fullest.

facebook company page post asLike other companies

You can also build relationships with other brands and businesses by ‘liking’ as your company. Again, this functionality was previously limited to personal profiles, but businesses can now work together socially through Facebook. Another great opportunity!

Keep informed

As a consequence of the above change Facebook can now keep you better informed of all the activity around your page and your company, using the standard Facebook navigation such as ‘home’, ‘notifications’ and ‘friends’ to show you a timeline of your liked pages’ activity, updates of interaction with your company page, and recent ‘likes’.


You can now quickly see ‘likes’ of your company page and be notified of new likes as they happen.

facebook company page see likes

2. Notifications

Keep up to date with posts, comments or interactions with your page.

facebook company page notifications

3. Search

Find other pages to interact with as your company.

facebook company page search

4. Home timeline

See the Facebook news feed for the companies and pages your company ‘likes’.

facebook home

5. Switch

Quickly and easily move between your personal profile and your business pages to manage your entire Facebook presence.

facebook account switch

So, how will you be using the new functionality and features? What do you think are the main benefits of the changes and the big drawbacks? We’re looking forward to some good discussion!

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