The latest major Google announcement is the arrival of what it terms “results before you type”.  Google is now trying to predict what you are searching for and giving you results before you’ve even completed typing in your search phrase.

So is this a truly significant change, or just Google reminding Apple that they can also do hype?

I think there will be many subtle impacts but probably the biggest is that this is another USP for Google.  Instant is an incredible feat of software engineering, even by Google standards. Microsoft et al will be a long way off being able to copy it.  Most users will like Instant and as they won’t be able to get it elsewhere, they will therefore be less inclined to move away to other search engines.

Other Search Marketing Impacts

It raises many more questions than answers at this early stage.

  • Will it change the way we do SEO?
  • Will it increase clicks on PPC?
  • Will it reduce long tail searches?
  • Will it reduce clicks lower down page 1 and beyond?
  • Will it change the way people compose key phrases for searches?
  • Will keywords still be passed in referrer strings?
  • Will it make it more difficult to bury bad news about you?

I’ve got theories on most of the above but I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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