Now that Christmas has called time on the Internet (most sites can no longer guarantee Christmas deliveries), it is important not to forget these few basic house keeping issues:

  • Update your delivery pages include notes about when the next deliveries will be as well as your opening hours.
  • Update your offers, away from the “guaranteed delivery” type offers to the post Christmas and January “sale” approach. (Even if you arent having a major sale, it’s still important to reassure visitors that someone is at home and get rid of those “last Christmas Delivery on 18th Dec” messages)
  • Be aware that visitor to sale conversion rates will change as consumers buying modes change and be prepared to react (Attacat clients: we will be watching this carefully for you)
  • If you can’t fulfil orders as quickly as usual over the festive period, then give consideration to pausing or reducing any ongoing advertising.
  • Don’t forget to change your copyright notice to 2008 come January the 1st.

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