(Update – 07/05/2015 – How to get an entry level marketing job at Attacat)

(Update – 28/09/2012 – 5 new graduate jobs available!)

(Update – 09/02/2012 – and another new recruitment round open – 2 x jobs)

(Update – 06/04/2011 – new recruitment round open)

We have recently recruited for an entry/graduate level job here at Attacat.  We had 78 applications (many sourced from Twitter as discussed in this recent Scotland on Sunday article).  As a small company, we felt that was a pretty remarkable number, especially given that we had an application form in place to scare off the less motivated.

Having spoken to a few of the unsuccessful applicants we decided to run a feedback session last night to try to help them out a bit.  The lovely and astute Nadine Pierce (Scotland’s best digital recruitment consultant IMHO!) kindly agreed to not only lend us Eden Scott‘s board room on St.Andrews’ Square but also offer insights from her perspective too.

Here’s my presentation, which unlike most of my presentations actually covers most of the points I talked about – other than the very best tips of course 😉

The atmosphere was a little uncomfortable to start with given the circumstances (a nervousness from me about offending people and probably a degree of dejection from those good enough to come) but I felt that this changed pretty quickly and I left with the impression that most will have got something out of it.

10 out of 10 to the applicants who did turn up.  It’s a credit to you and I’m sure that that sort of dedication will get you a job quickly.  Certainly we will be in touch with you next time we are recruiting.