Tuesday 14th May 2013, 9.30am – 4.30pm

The aim of this course is to build a solid understanding of the principles of online marketing. 

The course, led by Tim Barlow, is less about “how to tweet” or “how to write for search engines” and much more about developing the right mindset for marketing in an internet world. So there will be less about tactics and much more on fundamentals: fundamentals that are as relevant now as they were ten years ago and will likely be just as relevant in another ten years’ time.

beginner to intermediate level

The course is relevant to:

  • those directing companies who feel they should be getting more out of online marketing or simply want a better understanding of what their company is or should be doing online; and/or
  • those responsible for marketing on a day to day basis.

It is of much use to someone totally new to internet marketing as it is to someone with a considerable experience looking to find simplicity in an increasingly complex landscape.

The day will run over 2 parts:

morning session – foundations

1. Why the internet has changed marketing
2. Developing online marketing strategies that stand the test of time
3. Taking ‘online’ philosophies into your ‘offline’ marketing
4. Websites that sell

afternoon session – tactics

1. Search engine optimisation – what to do now everybody does SEO
2. Social media – what to do now everybody does social media
3. Pay-per-click – predictably profitable
4. Email marketing – who says email is dead
5. Measurement – focusing on the most important and developing a culture of continuous improvement

In a nutshell – the day will give you a LOT of things to think about and focus on we want to help you make a splash with your online marketing!


This will only be the second time this course has been run.  We are still very much experimenting with content and exercises and as such are looking for attendees who won’t mind the odd hitch or some parts of the day not coming over as well as intended.  In return we offering the course at a much reduced price.

In case you are wondering what the first group of attendees thought, they rated the day 4.9 out of 5 and here’s what they had to say:

“The day was packed with useful information that you transferred to real onsite applications relevant to me. Webinars don’t do this!”

Callum Reed,

“Can I sign up for stage 2!?”

Alice Gully, Aardvark Safaris


“The best bits? Listening to Tim – Like a wise owl. Not just in relation to online marketing but all things marketing.”

Catherine Robertson, Robertson Collaborate


“Very clear – set out well. Covered key points. Interesting to see how marketing has changed”

Esme Haigh, National Museum of Scotland

confirm your place to avoid disappointment

If the prospect of a free Attacat mug doesn’t persuade you in its own right, then surely the bargain price of £175 (+VAT) will.

We are restricting the group size to 8 people. The last course booked out within hours so book now to achieve your online marketing goals!


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