It seems as though Google is considering inserting 5-star rating into paid search results, and has begun testing it in selected results. From an example we’ve seen it appears to be drawing through Amazon product ratings, but there is potential for using a wide range of website rankings. What chance of Google showing us Ebay seller ratings, or property reviews for accommodation results?

UPDATE: Google Blog announces seller rating extensions for reviews given in Google Product Search.

Concerns for rating in paid search

This could be a potentially interesting idea from Google, and another step in what appears to be a plan to provide as much information as possible without actually leaving the search results. However, local and map searches drawing through reviews and associated content quite clearly doesn’t work at the moment, with most agencies seeing incredibly odd results and significant amounts of ‘gaming the system’. Until these problems are sorted, would including reviews into paid search ads just further muddy the waters and actually reduce the trust in the rankings?


Creative Commons License photo credit: fdecomite

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