not provided analyticsFollowing Google’s implementation of secure SSL search for logged in queries we’re now not provided keyword and other valuable data in Google Analytics – damn and blast! In an attempt to counter this slightly, Econsultancy have come up with an interesting Analytics ‘hack’ using advanced filters of the data.

The hack essentially replaces the dreaded ‘(not provided)’ value, now shown when data is locked out, and replaces it with the landing page of the visit. This helps to get an idea of what kind of search term a visitor is likely to have used to get to the site.



@attacat_kiril has made the good point that the data is easily available in Analytics as the secondary metric – this is discussed on the Econsultancy post but he defends that it’s useful to have the data in one view. I’m not entirely convinced, but perhaps a matter of personal choice. And clearly the words ‘hack’ and ‘steal’ in their post title are attention grabbers – we know that a custom filter isn’t really a hack, and there’s no stealing. It’s worse than the Sun’s headline writers…


How to steal some ‘not provided’ data back from Google – Econsultancy



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