LinkedIn Company Pages: Shaping up nicely but will it be enough to save them?

Have you had a look at your company page on LinkedIn recently?  There’s a lot of nice info on them now.

It’s got a long way to go before it moves from being interesting to genuinely useful, however I’d definitely recommend taking a look at the new(ish) service pages.  You can now add in all your company product and services  (I’ve had a first tinker with ours here).

I guess LinkedIn are hoping that one day people will be saying “Do we need a website if we have a good LinkedIn company page?” a little like some are asking about Facebook at the moment. (BTW The answer is “no” IMHO).

In the meantime its another place you can easily show case your business and perhaps most importantly somewhere you can get recommendations.

In addition to services there’s lots of stats you can get.  This was my particular favourite :)

Attacat Company Growth

I like the changes but I suspect it’s still too little too late for LinkedIn

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