It’s with you everywhere – it’s mobile! But what’s different in May?


Google reveals mobile ‘wallet’ system – allegedly nicked from PayPal?

The search giants revealed their plans for digital wallets – Full article – but PayPal are suing them and claiming a former employee took trade secrets to Google – Full article


Mobile is changing keyword research for companies and agencies

Interesting article on how features of mobile search and even augmented reality could change the landscape for keyword research. Full article


Tablet > mobile men > mobile women

Following a report that spend on mobile just keeps increasing – Full article – it’s also claimed that tablet owners spend more than mobile users – Full article – while men overspend women on mobile online goods – Full article


The numbers game – iPhone apps and Android devices

With Smartphone sales rising 85% year-on-year – Full article – iPhones can now boast half a million apps – Full article – while Android record over 100 million devices worldwide – Full article


Google News gets location aware

US users can now see what’s happening close to them thanks to location targeting. Full article


Google Music on Android

Details emerge of cloud-based mobile service. Full article


Mobile landing page ‘best practices’

The guys from PPC Hero discuss tips for mobile landing pages. Full article


mobile roundup

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