Just spotted a location extension that I’ve never seen in the wild before – an Adwords-style ‘+’ extension beneath a couple of results on the SERP.

It showed up in a search that clearly wasn’t considered by Google to have fully ‘local‘ intent, as there was no map pack section of Google Places results. Instead Google decided to display the address line with the option to drop down and see the map.

Personally I like the change. It means Google Places – and its buggy process, reliance on fake reviews and inconsistent citations (can you tell I don’t like it?) – warps the results a little less, and the Adwords-style drop-down has been shown to perform pretty well in PPC ads.

However the eagle-eyed among you will spot it’s returned the address of a place hundreds of miles away instead of the depot just down the road. Looks like we’ve a while to go yet before we escape the Google Places randomness, but we’ll continue to work on those location-based signals!


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