We are very pleased to have been asked to offer SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Google AdWords) support for the Scottish Low Carbon Conference whose site has gone live today.  The site has been built by Elastic Creative and project managed by the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce on behalf of the Scottish Government.

scottish low carbon conference screenshot

It’s an exciting project, not least due to the high profile that the conference will achieve.  Moving to a sustainable economy is an area that we have great personal passion for.  Financing that renewable future is a significant challenge and it’s great to see Scotland taking a lead.  The conference site allows financiers to register their investment requirements and innovators the opportunity to register their renewable project, with view to bringing the parties together.

We’ve been brought in very recently but have been able to have some influence over the website structure, a process that is essential for achieving good rankings in Google etc.  Much of this work will not show until the next phase of the website.  Our primary focus though is going to be on leveraging the government’s support to gain influential links to the website.

Stage 1 though is to:

A. get the site ranking better for the brand name “Scottish Low Carbon Conference” (currently no.5 with a horrible title and description) (watch the search results here)

pre launch organic result

B. cover the brand search with AdWords.

scottish low carbon conference sponsored result

“Low Carbon Investment” vs “Renewable Finance”

It’s academic now, but one interesting debate that was had in relation to SEO, was the actual name of the conference.  For various good reasons the name was rejected, but had the conference been called the “Scottish Renewable Finance Conference”, the site would achieve greater levels of search traffic, more easily.  This is simply because searchers use the phrase “Renewable Finance” far more frequently than “Low Carbon Investment”.  In general a site ranks much more easily for phrases that are included in a brand name.

It’s amazing how far into a business SEO needs to delve, and it’s certainly true to say that the earlier you get input, the less you’ll need to spend on SEO.

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