What comes into your mind when people mention “sharing” in an online marketing sense?

Hold that thought! I need you to remember it!

Still got that thought?…..Thank You…You may proceed…


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Sharing is a phrase that is increasingly bandied about in internet marketing and social media circles in particular.  Indeed I’m going to be  speaking on the subject at the next New Media Breakfast, together with Gordon White of fatBuzz.  (You can find details here)

However when I started preparing for the presentation it became clear that one internet marketeers’ understanding of “sharing” can be quite different to another.  Usually Wikipedia helps out in such situations but so far nobody has attempted to define it.

So what did come into your mind at the mention of sharing?

You might well have had an image of a Facebook share link or perhaps a Tweet button. I’d be interested to know if that was your first thought.  Perhaps you thought about sharing your knowledge on a blog or similar.  Or did you think about collaboration efforts such as Wikipedia? Or social bookmarking perhaps? Did the words “open source” cross your mind?  You might even have gone so far as to think about sharing things offline to help your online marketing (arguably Gordon kindly sharing his New Media Breakfast platform with us is an excellent form of internet marketing)?  Or did you think of something altogether different?

Please share what your first thought was in the comments below.  And there’s bonus points for tackling these questions: How should we define it? Can we define it? Should we define it?

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