Twitter are in the process of revealing more about their planned ad system.  This will add to quite a large number of social advertising platforms, each seeking to cash in on their large user bases.

Worth watching are:

The really interesting ones are those that seek to really integrate the ads into the way users of the social networks actually behave.  In particular Digg & Stumbleupon’s systems seek to make the adverts part of the experience of using these sites.  For the ads to be successful they have to be able to withstand the scrutiny of the users of the systems (users can effectively vote for or against an ad in much the same way as they do with a site that has found it’s way in “organically”).

The networks that succeed in making adverts part of the glue of the system will be the ones that succeed.  Advertisers will need to adapt/are adapting to the different mindsets required.  The are some parallels with search advertising but it would be a mistake to treat them in the same way just because pay per click may be the mode of payment.

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