Let’s get social with the media scene in April:


Google launches ‘+1′

Now there’s a social layer to search, with a +1 button apparently available to websites in the coming months. Full article


Facebook introduces the ‘send’ button

Their new social plugin for websites lets users send a link to a friend through Facebook messages, post it to a group, or even email it to an individual – all through Facebook. Full article


Spotify get restrictive following ongoing losses

They’ve now cut back on the amount of free music available. Full article


Facebook studio shows off polished campaign integrations

Want to see some nice examples of companies making the most of their Facebook presence? Check it out. Full article


Do you own your photos online?

Many people won’t be aware that by uploading photo in many locations online you are allowing them to do what they like with your content, including, but not limited to, creating goods to sell. Full article


Facebook unveils new ad and coupon products

Sponsored stories, which turn a user’s content into an ‘ad’, now have new variaties for advertisers to play with – Full article – while details emerged of a new coupon service from Facebook launching in the US  – Full article


Hootsuite’s Social Dashboard voucher

The company is offering users a $50 credit for reports to make up for April’s 15-hour service outage. Full article


Top 10 Twitter trends this month

The Royal Wedding unsurprisingly came out on top. Full article

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