Yes, it’s a rather late August roundup, but blame the weather – it’s hard to type with a constant depressing downpour of rain outside. But forget that and enjoy the best of social media during the month!

Ban chavs! No, wait, ban social media!

social media ban

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In the furore after the riots (not in Scotland. Yay) a lot of ire was focused on social media and its role in the trouble. Of course as intelligent, free-speech advocating types we know that you should never “shoot the messenger” by blocking social media and thankfully it was confirmed that the Government will take no further action in regards to blocking activity. It’s an interesting reminder of how much of the population still feel a certain unease about what is, in essence, just another method of communication. Tweet is now in the dictionary people; get used to it.


Facebook privacy, hootsuite, location and sad faces

With the news that Facebook now achieves 1 trillion pageviews a month, Hootsuite – my personal and stand-out favourite social media dashboard – have upped their Facebook game and now provide much better support for rich media (e.g. photo) posting, groups, and some other lovely things. Check it out if you’re not already using Hootsuite. You should be by the way. Go!

Facebook 1 trillion page views

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Facebook have also been making huge changes to privacy controls on the social network, with privacy options now provided fully on a post-by-post or media specific basis. Basically this means you choose who an update can be seen by. It’s a nice step towards usable privacy controls following on from previous atrocious efforts, and hopefully this will stop the “Attention: Facebook is updating privacy in secret and will secretly message your fetish to your parents” updates you see on Facebook. Probably not though.

Facebook Places has also effectively gone, to be replaced by location tagging for all updates.

It may be that this post is so amazingly good I get complaints on our Facebook pages for destroying the competition. If so this post on tips for dealing with upset Facebook fans might come in handy – it provides good lessons for dealing with negative feedback across all social media profiles.


You’re boring, give me prizes

“Why aren’t people sharing my posts” we hear clients say. This is why people aren’t sharing your posts.  It’s probably because you’re boring and untrustworthy among other things. It’s essential to really think about your content strategy when using social media, as a boring and pointless post is a waste of your time and the time of those even thinking of engaging with your business.

Competitions are often promoted as a great way of engaging with communities online, but they do need to be treated with caution. Not only do you run the risk of attracting ‘fair weather fans’ with no ongoing value, there are a number of legal considerations you need to be aware of that SocialMediaExaminer have summarised quite nicely.


Social media analytics

Twitter have recently made a fairly important change to the way links are shared. Now everything coming through Twitter is passed through their own link shortener, and this will hugely change the way it appears in referral traffic in Google Analytics. There are a number of reasons why this is quite significant, and it really shows that Twitter is a major source of traffic for many sites.

social media numbers

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In other news it appears as though maybe StumbleUpon should be getting similar recognition, with research showing that it drives up to 50% of (US) social media traffic. It’s easy to get lost Stumbling for hours, so I’m not surprised. They have an interesting content advertising system that we’ve used with a few clients that’s great for showing off good content.

Overall we know that proper social media analytics is a must, and TheNextWeb have done a nice post on the best new social media analytics tools of the year so far. And while we’re talking numbers, check out Mashable’s social media by numbers for a nice infographic.


User generated content and SEO

Again Mashable have done a nice summary of what is a major consideration in social media and SEO at the moment – the importance of user generated content in rankings and performance. There’s general agreement that SEOs aren’t just SEOs anymore, we can be considered ‘web strategists’ or even social search optimised marketers.


QR codes!

Yes, in honour of our pals at FatBuzz here’s the latest in QR codes (they love them!). There’re some nice tips and a couple of interesting infographics, while it this month’s ‘creepy’ news there are certain cemeteries that are now engraving QR codes into gravebstones. Yes gravestones. I don’t know what more to say about that.

qr codes gravestones

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Apps and interesting things

There are a few interesting tools that caught my eye this month, but stood out. My favourite way of ignoring @attacat_kiril‘s ramblings is to listen to Spotify, but keep running out of time in my free account thereby requiring a switch to free music on YouTube. Wouldn’t it be great if YouTube was like Spotify so you could easily play music through it? Well now it is!

The Fatbuzz guys also recommended, which is a nice little app which takes a photo (straight from your phone) and turns it into a gloss postcard that is actually posted to your recipient. Yep, snail-mailed. It’s interesting as it’s bringing online back round to the personal nature of postcards, which people seem to have a certain nostalgia for.


No jobs

Looking for jobs? Too bad, he’s resigned. Boom boom! Yes, the big man of Apple stepped down, and the industry will be keeping a close eye on how the company might be affected.

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