Facebook has launched more things in reaction to Google launching things – sound familiar?


Google+ oh my are you not on it yet?

google plus

Well everyone in the social media circle has been going gaga over Google+ this month (see Mashable’s complete guide) and some would say with justification. It’s a hugely improved effort on their last foray, Buzz, and actually seems to have a fairly dedicated user base already. Admittedly most of those people are the early-adopters and online marketing guys, and we wait to see how and if it appeals to the mass market. Like your mum, who is probably on Facebook. Does your mum know what a ‘Plus circle’ is yet? No. No she doesn’t.

Google+ seemed to catch Facebook a little on the hop, as the very next day they had a live conference showing off their ‘amazing’ Skype integration, which in actual fact looks like a watered-down version of Google+’s video hangouts feature, which allows whole groups of people to video chat and watch YouTube videos together. It’s going to be a ding-dong battle!

Heck, some madman even said it will make Twitter obsolete. I don’t think so…


Facebook ‘guide for businesses’


After being fairly bitch-slapped by the generally positive Google+ response, Facebook reacted to the removal of Google+ business profiles with the timely release of their guide for businesses, reminding everyone that you can have businesses on Facebook and spend lots of money and time with them please thankyou please. Full article.


Getting creative with QRs

Our pals at FatBuzz love their QR codes, so I’m sure they’re delighted to see the original approaches and cracking designs that some companies are taking with them. Full article


Political shenanigans with social media

Following on from my mention last month of how Iceland was using social media to construct it’s constitution, Mashable have done a nice overview of how different countries and governments are using it. Full article


Person dies! Buy music!

Microsoft took some much-deserved flak for recommending Twitter followers of one of their XBox accounts to buy Amy Winehouse’s album through their download service in response to her passing. It’s yet another example of how not to get involved with trending topics – think before you tweet people. Full article


Promoted tweets kick on

Twitter announced that they are stepping up featured tweets, with tweets being shown at the top of timelines for some selected brands already being followed. Full article


Fancy commentators

Only a small bit of news, but it annoyed me the other day that links in Facebook comments etc looked crappy. No longer! Full article


Twitter breaks records (well, their own)

The service apparently set a new record  for ‘tweets per second’ during a women’s World Cup football game – full article – and have now reached a huge 200 million accounts. Of course how many of them are actually active? Full article


So very tired

With everyone and his dog creating a social network these days, Chris Brogan has been discussing ‘social media fatigue’. Full article


Same-sex marriage and a perty waterfall

And to finish, and nice picture of a rainbow-coloured Niagara Falls that will viral in commemoration of the legalisation of same-sex marriage in New York State. Ahhhh….



Come see me in August

If you’re around Edinburgh on Tuesday 23 August I’ll (@Attacat_Joel) be presenting on ‘How to – PR, Social Media, Marketing’ for the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce with a couple of other great local experts in the fields of marketing and PR. I’d be delighted to see you there, and if you’d like to come along please visit the Chamber site using the link below. It’s good value and there will be some really useful insight into how to integrate PR and social media into your business from the start.

How to – PR, Social Media, Marketing
Tuesday 23 August 2011
Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce

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