Woop dee doop, there’s a veritable trough of social media shenanigans for you to dip your faces into this month with the November social round up. Gather round and remember to wipe your faces afterwards.


social media moniesPeople are cheap

Thanks to this month for confirming the fairly obvious that people using social media like discounts, and really that’s the main reason they follow you. God bless us penny pinchers. MONIES.


Facebook – ruining the one thing it actually does

You’ll probably have been seeing posts explaining what news items your friends are reading through places like the Times or the Guardian thanks to their fancy Facebook integration. “Haile Gebrselassie has read ‘Why ducks are this year’s meerkat'” and that sort of thing.


It’s supposed to be ‘frictionless sharing‘, but some people are finding it has significant chafe-age and has ruined sharing. Others, however, don’t agree and think Facebook have redefined sharing – quite true if sharing is now defined as “annoying apps showing even more tosh that people gawp at at work”. At least most of the apps actually provide a link to the stories people are reading now instead of requiring installation of the app. Because that really was awful.

The big plus has come if your idea of sharing involves money, and the transfer thereof. Facebook are implementing a person-to-person ‘send money‘ app with no commission to make cash transfer that little bit easier. MONIES.


It’s the hoooooooooooooooolidays


For some reason Americans talking about ‘the holidays’ really irritates me. Don’t know why, so can only apologise really. So this article on interesting social strategies for the Christmas period actually made me fairly narky, but it’s still features some thought provoking / obvious ideas.

Talking about ‘the holidays’ I suppose I have to mention Black Friday. In the US the shops went crazy with amazing deals; in the UK we had next to nothing. Seven different types of lame. 60% off dross. Half-price things-you’ll-never-ever-want. And really that’s all I have to say about it, because it makes me grumpy.


Generic Facebook user 24U#6 likes what?

I share. But how and when? What and why? I like pictures. Happy Facebook user.

Sharing on Facebook – how and whenWhat and why? Pictures?

Thanks for that generic Facebook user 24U#6. He actually has some very valuable insight, so have a look at the links to find out how much Facebook users prefer sharing images, and what they just don’t respond to. Then apply it into your marketing campaigns with these best practice tips for Facebook content publishing and turn those likes into leads.


google plusGoogle+ business pages

I can’t really find an interesting way to spin making a Google+ business page. So if you haven’t done it yet, now might be a good time. Rumours are that after an initial spike in traffic no one is actually going on them, but it’s important to think in the long term. So setup your Google+ page correctly, optimise it, make it as visible as possible, and then add the new Google+ badge to your site if you fancy.

We’ve already had some social media blowhards proclaiming that the addition of Google+ in Google searches is a game changer; I really wish people would stop saying that every time anything happens. It’s only a game changer if the game you’re playing is “Let’s not change the game at all. Ever”.


Make social media the fool

Social media is like anything – it can be fooled and gamed for personal and business benefit. This post from SEOmoz on gaming social media signals is a bit more complicated and SEO-related than the rest of the posts here but it’s worth a read to understand


The rest: FourSquare,YouTube, social influence

Got some old videos on YouTube? Fancy someone actually watching them? Here are five ways old videos can triple visibility.

Oh, and I haven’t talked about FourSquare in a while (largely because I don’t really like it myself). FourSquare have rejigged to allow for some better advertising opportunities, so go lookee.

Finally, find a really in depth read about the fallacy of presumed influence. Yes, you read that correctly. Basically you’re either gonna click that or not. Of those that do about 10% will get past the first paragraph.



Well done for successfully digesting all that social media slop – I’m sure you’re very proud of yourself. Now go wipe your face.


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