These are crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy nights; so sang Kiss. Were they talking about Facebook and social media taking control of our evenings? No. No they weren’t. But I am. And Kiss love social media.

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Time your Facebook posts – avoid boredom coma

Some people really get into the whole issue of Facebook EdgeRank and love analysing it. Personally I think it’s really important but kinda boring. Sorry EdgeRank. I’m sure you’re a hoot at parties though. So to avoid me talking about it for too long and causing a permanent catatonic state enjoy a link to this Mashable post on when to time your Facebook posts.


Stumble upon videos (not VHS, that would break them)

I mentioned in last month’s social roundup that StumbleUpon drives 50% of social media traffic in the US, with overt 51 pages shared every minute. So let’s have a look at that data in a StumbleUpon infographic form! Oooooh….

Of course everyone claims they’re actually the biggest social network, and from Stumble we move to YouTube. If you’re thinking about getting serious with video on YouTube this article from OpenForum has some things to think about. But be warned it’s very American – you’ll see mentions of Walmart and dollars. If you have an allergy to overt Americanisms please consult your doctor before reading.

Speaking of YouTube, Microsoft’s YouTube channel was recently hacked. I bet Google felt awful about that.


Google is reading what you say. And it doesn’t rate you as an author.

Some fairly big news in SEO recently was the revelation that Google can now index text within Ajax and JavaScript code. If you’re not tech-minded it effects social media because the pretty popular Facebook comments system can now be read and included by Google in search results. It’s also heavily rumoured that they’re able to read (or ‘scrape’) content from other social sources, however apparently they’re not yet scraping Twitter for tweets. Only a matter of time?

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Twitter you tool

I’ve barely mentioned Twitter so far, so let’s reset the balance of the cosmos with a post about potentially useful Twitter tools. There are about, ooh, 12 billion different Twitter management/data/productivity tools out there (at a rough estimate) so these few recommended by Jeff Bullas are just a drop in the ocean. See what you think and blame him if you don’t like them.


Google+ to Google Apps. Google pap?

I don’t like Google Apps, largely because in the migration from normal Google account to Apps account mine got totally confused and Google seem incapable of fixing it. I now have to login through multiple accounts, and this is annoying. Very annoying. The only benefit this provided me was that it didn’t obliterate my Google+ account, which happened to many other people as Apps doesn’t allow Plus accounts. Google is soon to partly address this issue by allowing Apps to support Google+ profiles. However I doubt they’ll fix my login issues. Ever. Gits.


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I said a bad word

You may have noticed I just said “git” back there. No, it’s not really a bad word (I know far worse, like “cad” or “bounder”) but it helps to show that I’m a real human being, not a faceless robot. I keep my faceless robot in the cupboard.

So anyway, SocialMediaExaminer have a nice recent post about how to humanise your social media that’s worth a look. It’s a horrible phrase, but people do business with people, and it’s so important to remember that in your social media efforts. Unless you’re marketing to faceless robots.



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