the facebook special edition

Welcome, welcome, come on in and put your feet up as I regale you with tales of social media past in September. A month that Facebook decided to completely take over with numerous announcements and everybody going Facebook crazy.


facebook timeline

Facebook’s got big ideas for changing personal profiles with the introduction of the timeline (if you haven’t got it yet try this). With that comes the opportunity to get a little creative with the impressive new banner images. These changes are fairly interesting and could help your social media marketing campaigns.


The biggest facebook mistake…

…is not posting directly through Facebook (instead using a third-party application) according to an interesting recent study. And they’ve got some stats to back it up. Do you agree? Is the conclusion valid?



facebook subscribe: the guide

Want to follow people online? Facebook now lets you with ‘subscribe‘! Want to rifle through their clothes drawers? Sorry, you’ll still have to follow them in real life for that.

Enjoy a guide to the new subscribe button.


Review of page changes and useful facebook tools. yaaaaay.

There are lots of tools and applications out there for getting in-depth stats, achieving fancy-looking custom pages and doing other lovely things on your Facebook presence.

Facebook have announced that they’re turning off fbml, the custom markup application that used to be used to create custom pages, so if you’re currently using that you’ll need to look into another solution at some point fairly soon. Of course if you’ve got WordPress we’d recommend using our Facebook pages plugin for WordPress, but there are some other very easy to use tools out there that are worth a look. Check it out.

Plus don’t forget that Facebook pages now require a secure https hosting in order to show to your common-or-garden http viewing Facebook user. Find out how to move to secure hosting courtesy of SocialMediaExaminer.


I need insights! People are talking about me!

Sorry, more Facebook. I know, I know, but they’ve had a fairly big September. And this bits fun I promise! It’s about achieving insights into your facebook likes and social influence! Hello?

Anyway, Facebook are offering a new Insights stat called “people are talking about this“, which offered SproutSocial a nice opportunity to review how to interpret the data from Insights. SproutSocial offer a nice social dashboard that I’ve been playing around with recently. If they gave me a fancy version for free I’d maybe talk about it more. Cough cough hint.


Oh come on now you’re not even trying. More facebook?

They’ve released a new ad unit, although it’s a premium ad model so you need to be spending something like £10k to be able to use it. Not for your average Joe methinks.


I see you’ve stopped paying attention

How long after your nice social post do people actually pay attention to it? How quick is the burn? Find out today.

how often post social media


only email and search used more than social media

And the study says they generally consider it ‘good’. Thrilling word choice people. Thanks. For. That.

social media is good


one share, two share, three share, four.

Sharedcount is a nice no-frills count of how much your URL has been shared across social medial. Just plug in your address and go. It’s basic but it does the job nicely, and they have an API so you can draw the results through into whatever maniacal social-media-eating machine you’re building.


twitter returns! fight!

Facebook can’t have this whole post its own way, so this nice infographic compares Twitter vs Facebook in terms of users and networking power, covering loyalty and purchase intent.


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