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keep measuring and testing headlines

Quickly revolutionise website appeal with tasty headlines

Quick-fire tips for improving the appeal of your content and online presence through effective headline copywriting. Why aren’t you properly using transparency, conciseness, emotion and user feedback?

Copywriting Inspiration from Big Issue Sellers

Big Issue Vendor
There are some truly brilliant Big Issue sellers out there and it strikes me that listening in to how these inspirational characters are seeking to capture your attention can be a way of generating good headlines for websites and AdWords ads.
I know I have heard better but this […]

facebook display URLs

Facebook adverts: now with display URL

We’ve noticed that Facebook adverts are now showing a ‘display URL’ after the title, very much in the style of traditional Adwords display URLs

Sponsored link with phone number

LINK: Phone number or Not? That is an AdWords Ad Copy Question

It’s quite a frequently asked question: should you include a phone number or not in your Google AdWords and PPC adverts?

The short answer is “no (in most cases)”.  Here’s an excellent more detailed answer: How To Raise […]

Ad Sitelinks: More Than a CTR Booster

In November 2009, Google introduced the ‘ad sitelinks’ feature which allows advertisers to enter up to ten sitelinks to appear under any advert within a campaign. When AdWords first launched this feature last year, I immediately added sitelinks to a generic campaign which mostly used the homepage as a landing page. The top 4 sitelinks covered the 4 most popular product ranges on the site. On day 1, the click-through-rate improved by 12% compared to the day before.


‘Best thing ever’ advert copy

I have a background in marketing.  I appreciate the role of effective communication in targeting a specific market segment. However, I sometimes  find myself unable to construct adequate advert copy that goes past ‘here is the product. Buy now’.
This situation often reminds me of an espisode of family guy. The clip shows a mock up of a typical American […]


More on the AdWords Trademark Rules Change

Just to clear up some confusion over the recently announced changes to Google’s trademark policy in the UK.

What has changed: What Google will enforce in the UK and Ireland
What hasn’t changed: Trademark Law

Just because Google has softened its policy does not mean that advertisers should jump into advertising on third party trademark terms without thought. […]


Search Listings Blah

In a recent post I discussed Jaynie Smith’s concept of Blah – the idea that most of what we write and say about our businesses is just seen as being “Blah” because everybody makes pretty much the same claims.
Lets look at some AdWords adverts being used at the moment on a search for “red […]

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