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Social Media Roundup – May 2011

Get your face out of my tweet book. Your tube is too linked in. Confusing? Then catch up with May’s social media news.

Google social search goes worldwide, +1 site button teased

Twitter ‘follow’ button

Twitter buys Adwords tool Adgrok

Playstation Network hack fallout

Super-injunctions and Twitter censorship?

Wordpress is 8 years old

Tagged: Cup final 360-degree panoramic photo

Twitter photos and top trends

mobile roundup

Mobile Roundup – May 2011

It’s with you everywhere – it’s mobile! But what’s different in May?

Google reveals mobile ‘wallet’ system – allegedly nicked from PayPal?

Mobile is changing keyword research for companies and agencies

Tablet > mobile men > mobile women

The numbers game – iPhone apps and Android devices

Google News gets location aware

Google Music on Android

Mobile landing page ‘best practices’

Edinburgh Marathon logo

Attacat Joel completes the Edinburgh Marathon

After announcing I would run the Edinburgh Marathon on the blog earlier this year it wasn’t really an option to chicken out, so, despite not really training as much as I should, I took on the 26.22 miles on Sunday 22 May alongside hundreds of other enthusiastic and/or petrified runners.

facebook company page layout

Facebook company pages get a much needed overhaul

Facebook have announced the switchover to a new appearance for company/business pages today – you can access the new layout and functionality in preview now, with full switchover happening on 10 March. It’s certainly a welcome change, offering additional functionality that advertisers and companies have been screaming out for, including the ability to ‘become’ a business page.

Google logo

Adwords and Facebook ads: Go tweak crazy

It seems to have been a really rather busy few weeks for Google, withhem testing new appearances and variations of PPC advert display all over the place. Here’s a summary of the changes we’ve seen popping up recently:

Edinburgh Marathon logo

Internet marketing: Now it really is a marathon

Attacat’s very own Joel (aka Jolu) has decided to run the Edinburgh Marathon this year in support of our valued client AICR, the Association for International Cancer Research, who really are lovely people and a great cause. Will he succeed? Will he fail? Will his dodgy knees and ankles simply fall off at the thought of such a run?

Anatomy of Wordpress theme

LINK: Tinker with WordPress themes

At Attacat we like Wordpress. It’s good to have a bit of knowledge as to how the themes work so that you can make tiny tweaks if required, and that’s where the chaps at Yoast have helped out by providing a cool infographic that explains the mains ‘chunks’ of a Wordpress theme.

Don’t get Facebook ad scammed: beware of false promises from cold callers

Now that Facebook has asserted itself as a viable and potentially successful advertising platform, I suppose it’s of no surprise to see chancers jumping across to this new land of scamming opportunity. We’ve already seen a few ‘offerings’ that our clients have passed onto us, and we’ve got to say they’re…interesting. Here’s some advice on what to avoid:

facebook display URLs

Facebook adverts: now with display URL

We’ve noticed that Facebook adverts are now showing a ‘display URL’ after the title, very much in the style of traditional Adwords display URLs


New Foursquare button: Add to your site today?

The Foursquare blog has announced that you can now integrate an ‘add to Foursquare’ button onto your website. I’m personally not a big fan of Foursquare and don’t use it, but I can certainly see how this could start to truly integrate it across the web and make it less of a ‘quirky add-on experience’.

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