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Anatomy of Wordpress theme

LINK: Tinker with WordPress themes

At Attacat we like Wordpress. It’s good to have a bit of knowledge as to how the themes work so that you can make tiny tweaks if required, and that’s where the chaps at Yoast have helped out by providing a cool infographic that explains the mains ‘chunks’ of a Wordpress theme.

Art of SEO Cover

Search Engine Optimisation: Get to grips with the basics even if you are outsourcing

If you are responsible for the marketing of your business, a rudimentary understanding of SEO is essential even if you are planning to outsource.  Here’s some resources to help.
If you are only going to read one document (approx 1 hour reading time) then read Google’s own […]


Link:How to use Google Analytics to track telephone leads

Part 3 of this really good series about tracking telephone leads through Analytics.


HOW TO (sort of): Make Your Small Business Geolocation-Ready

Not sure this is Mashable’s finest article as it doesn’t really provide a road map for the beginner. More a check list for the advanced.
HOW TO: Make Your Small Business Geolocation-Ready.
(Attacat version required!)


How to Avoid Losing Money over the Festive Period

Now that Christmas has called time on the Internet (most sites can no longer guarantee Christmas deliveries), it is important not to forget these few basic house keeping issues:

Update your delivery pages include notes about when the next deliveries will be as well as your opening hours.
Update your offers, away from the “guaranteed delivery” […]


Glasgow Chamber AdWords Seminar

Thanks to those who attended the workshop I presented on behalf of the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday. My presentation can be downloaded below.

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